Customer Grievance Redressal Policy





Customer Service is a key focus area of the Lamina Research Center Pvt Ltd. Customer Service for the Lamina is a holistic approach targeting consistent improvement in customer experience and quality of operations. We strongly believe that a satisfied customer is the most important factor in developing our business.


The Customer Grievance Redressal Policy outlines the framework for addressing the customer grievances.


We shall ensure that the policy is made available in public domain (website and branches).




The objective of the policy is to ensure that:


o   All customers are treated fairly and without bias always. All issues raised by customers are dealt with courtesy and resolved on time

o   Customers are made completely aware of their rights so that they can opt for alternative

remedies if they are not fully satisfied with our response or resolution to their complaint




Complaint: When a customer complains about Products /service deficiency and if the same is not resolved within the Specified TAT, the contact/request is categorised as a complaint.


This policy is applicable to all customers including:

o   Customers / Consumers.

o   Direct Sellers.

o   Business Distributors



1.       Principles of grievance redressal:


The guiding principles of the approach to grievance redressal are as follows:


i.         Transparency: The customer shall be provided with information regarding the channels they can access to service their requirements and resolve their issues. In addition, the turnaround-time for issues to be redressed, including investigation and resolution shall be communicated transparently.


ii.       Accessibility: The Company shall enable the customers to avail of services through multiple published channels. 


iii.      Escalation: Information on the process of escalation of complaints to the next level, in case the customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided by the current level in the Company will be made available in the branches, call centre and HO


iv.     Customer Education: The Company shall endeavour to make continuous efforts to educate its customers to enable them to make informed choices regarding company products, services and reduce errors in company transactions.


v.       Review: The Company shall have forums at various levels to review customer grievances and enhance the quality of customer service.


2.       Aspects of grievance redressal policy:


a.          Registration of complaints: The Company enables customers to avail of services through multiple channels. The various channels available to customers for registering the complaints are as follows:


   Customer care: Customers can contact our Customer Care officers over the phone for redressal of issues on our tall free number of Company – 1800-200-3904 or send an e-mail/letter to the mail ID ( ) /addresses displayed in the escalation matrix at the branches and on the website.


   Branch: Customer can speak to the branch officials for resolution of their issues or register their grievances through the complaint book available in the branches. Alternatively, customers can drop their complaint/feedback in the boxes made available at the branch.


   Company website: Customers can log a complaint by writing in the logged-in section or

through “Compliments and Complaints” link in the home page of the Company website. Customers can also write to the business heads of respective products, as updated on the Company website, in case they are not satisfied with the resolution provided through various channels.



b.         Recording & tracking of complaints: All the complaints received by the Company must be recorded and tracked for end-to-end resolution. All the complaints received in Company must be lodged in Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and assigned to respective groups for resolution. In case of non-availability of CRM in branches, the complaints need to be registered in complaint register of the branch and the MIS to be sent to the respective teams.



c.          Resolution of complaints: 


§  Responsibility for resolution: The respective channel head (Sales/ Operation / Accounts/ Products) are responsible for the resolution provided by their teams and for the closure of customer issues.


§  Time frame for response: The turn-around-time for responding to a complaint is:

i.            Normal cases Like Name Correction, KYC Updation, Bank Updation, Pay-out 3 working days for normal cases.

ii.           Product Related like Product Dispatch, Products Return, Product Lick /Short and cases which need retrieval of documents and exceptionally old records 7 to 10 working days.

iii.         Cases involving 3rd party (Bank Transfer, Products Dispatch/Transport): 15 working days.

iv.         Chargeback/ Refund related cases 15 to 21 working days.

v.          If any case needs additional time, the Company will inform the customer the reasons of delay in resolution and provide expected time lines for resolution of the issue and resolve within 45 days from date of Complaint as per Regulator Guideline.


§  In case the company is liable to pay any compensation/ Refund the same would be paid to the complainant as per the provisions of the Customer Compensation Policy of the Company.


d.         Escalation of complaints: If a customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided through various channels, the customer can escalate the issues to the next higher level, as displayed in the escalation matrix available below or on the website of the company. 


Consumer Complain Escalation Matrix


Telephone/ Mobile


Resolution TAT

1st Level Escalation



2nd Level of Escalation



3rd Level of Escalation





   Principal Nodal officer: If the customer is not satisfied with the resolution provided even after contacting various complaint resolution channels, the complaint may be escalated to the Principal Nodal Officer at:


Lamina Research Center Pvt . Ltd

                                   S -21 Kasba Industrial Estate, Anandapur

                                   Behind Ruby General Hospital

                                   Kolkata-700120 WB

Or send e-mail to: A detailed escalation matrix is available online at


e.         Quality of resolution: The Company shall conduct monthly quality audit to ensure proper classification and assignment of requests/complaints and to check whether the resolution is complete and correct. Quality scores to be shared with the key stakeholders at regular intervals and discussed in the meeting of the Standing Committee on Customer Service and reported to the Customer Service Committee of the Board of Directors.


f.           Customer feedback: The Company shall have a structured program of customer surveys that are conducted to understand customer satisfaction with the services provided by the Company. In addition to the periodic surveys conducted to gauge satisfaction with the transactions, separate surveys shall be conducted to obtain customer feedback on specific issues. In addition to structured customer surveys, feedback from customers shall also be obtained through branch level service meets and various questionnaires/meetings for improvement in customer service.


4.       Reporting requirements: The following reports shall be submitted to the Customer Service Committee of the Board as and when it meets. The reports shall include the following information:

o  The total number of complaints received during the reporting period broken down by the Service, Products, Accounts and Refunds etc.

o  The total number of complaints outstanding at the end of the reporting period


o   Ageing of outstanding complaints

o   Top issues emanating from analysis of complaints

o  Review of Various Level Customer Service Committee Meetings

o  Half yearly review of activities of Internal Ombudsman 


5.       Interaction with customers: The Compnay recognises that customer’s expectation/requirement/grievances can be better appreciated through personal interaction with customers by staffs. Structured customer awareness meets are being carried out to give a message to the customers that the Company values their feedback/suggestions for improvement in customer service.