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Healthy 2

Avena flax, Fresh Dried Vegetable, Moringa & Almond Busy Schedules often influence us to select fast food instead of fix meal at home as it is easily available & time saving. Even we are not getting enough Nutrition from our regular meal. The fast paced life style is creating dangerous. Lack of healthy food & proper diet people is suffering from diabetes, High Blood pressure, heart diseases, heart failure, Obesity, Digestive problem, Skin diseases, poor eye sight etc. To fight with first life style & poor health condition feonnaa introduce Healthy 2, contains Avena flax, fresh dried vegetables, Green leafy super food (Moringa) & Almond Ect. Now you can prepare your tasty & healthy dish only 2-3 mints. All that you need to do is add hot water & wait 2-3 mints to get your delicious dis to be ready
  • Healthy2 is Low Calorie food; stop cravings thus help to maintain weight loss.
  • Healthy2 contain Vitamin E,Phytic acid, phenolic antioxidants & flavonoids thus reduce risk of Cardiovascular Disease.
  • Healthy2 helps lowering LDL (Bad Cholesterol) thus reduce risk of diabetes. Contains lignans which protect against heart disease also protect against heart failure. Also helps to control blood pressure.
  • Healthy2 contains complex carbohydrates, Fibre that helps maintain& stabilizes blood sugar.
  • Healthy2 helps lowering the risk of cancer.
Who can take Healthy2
Healthy2 is ideal breakfast & evening snacks for all & specially recommended for diabetic, cardiac patients, high blood pressure patients and those, who looking for weight loss
Ingredients: Avena flax, Fresh Dried Vegetable, Moringa leaves power & Almond

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