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The Ultimate Healing

What is Feonnaa Arogyam?

This is first time in India , Feonnaa is introducing Arogyam therapy- Where different light & ray therapy and adequate heat vapor helps in removing body toxin and improve blood circulation in our body. This multi-functional steam bath treatment provides physical & emotional relaxation to the body through natural herbs or aroma therapy which will eliminate stress easily. The heat radiation given in this treatment will help to keep the skin clean. The vibrant therapy through shower, cure muscle tension, cramp or any other joint and body pain & Inflammation. Music therapy as a part of this treatment will reduce your nervous tension, depression and improve mental & emotional well-being. There is a huge demand for this sophisticated fast healing medical system in foreign countries, hotels, doctor's clinics, spa areas etc. ...

How is it beneficial for today's life?

Few decades back, we used to know that as we age, we encountered by different & complicated diseases. But in todays scenario, picture is quite different. Age is not a considerable factor for getting sick, rather we are suffering more from many critical diseases, even at the very early stages of life due to lifestyle changes, work life pressure, change in food habits and sleeping disorders. With the changing lifestyle and our tendency of having outsides fast food, our body encounters with more & more toxicity, which contributes for organ damage & disorder, organ malfunctioning and increasing rate of metabolic syndrome - diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, heart attack, Liver & kidney diseases, mal fertilization & PCOD some of them .
Lifestyle is an important factor to maintain a healthy & balanced lifestyle when it comes to overall health. But we focused more on tasty & fast food over to healthy, Nutritious, fiber rich and balance diet. As a result eating more junk foods & dropping fiber-rich healthy food become a common trend to our daily menu. As well as uncontrolled life style, hyper tension, work stress all results in inadequate sleeping pattern and sleeping deprivation .Obracktive sleep apniya becomes common over the population. Disturbing sleeping pattern is also a cause for hormonal disbalance, extra body weight, fatty liver, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol etc all these are increasing, the risk of future heart attacks or heart failure.
Body Detoxification on regular basis is the only way to survive from this complicated situation and live a healthy life. Even modern medical treatments, some times fail to provide appropriate & permanent solution for various diseases like skin problems, indigestion etc.

Brain behind this Extra ordinary thinking?

Being a prominent member of the Global Health Forum Dr. Samir Kumar Dhara, introduced Feonnaa Arogyam with advance and modern facilities at an affordable price for feonnaa members. By using Feonnaa Arogyam therapy you can experience a progressive improvement from diseases like viral fever, chronic and prolonged indigestion, skin diseases, inflammation, body ache, high blood pressure, blood sugar, disturbing sleeping pattern, kidney disorder, resistance from cyst and tumor growth, Over weight, Trauma and from other primary mental disorder. Feonnaa Arogyam is a theraputic treatment to get ultimate healing.

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