Know the Benefits of “Feonnaa Ayurveda”. It Will help you stay healthy.

Health and disease are by-product aspects of one’s life, such as nutrition, career, mental attitude, family and social activities, and spiritual life. If one area is weakened, all areas begin to suffer. To have and maintain true health, we need to nurture ourselves and keep all these things in balance, which is the key of Ayurveda. People on a regular basis suffer from illness like Cough and Cold, Diabetes, Piles, Asthma, Gastric, Constipation, Indigestion, Skin and Hair and many other internal and external physical problems. These problems occur due to lack or complete absence of proper food habits and improper lifestyle in humans.

I am sure we will all agree to the facts mentioned below that causes many types of imbalances in the body functions. Therefore, humans these days are developing health issues because of their own fault and then rely on modern medicines to cure them, failing to understand that medicines may have more adverse effects on their internal organs and immune system.

  • People tend to eat when the body does not demand
  • The food orientation affects the organs of the body
  • Inappropriate intake of various minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates
  • Lack of proper water intake

As we suffer from these regular health issues, Feonnaa Herbals have introduced “Feonnaa Ayurveda” which is a series of food supplement products having the capability to cure these health related issues unlike its orthodox counterparts which had PREVENTIVE properties.

  • Feonnaa Ayurveda is Safe. Feonnaa Ayurveda products are prepared from tiny molecular substances derived mainly from plants and minerals. They are given in very minute doses so that they are non-toxic, and are very safe. Unlike antibiotics and other medicines, Feonnaa Ayurveda products will not hamper digestion; will not lower immune resistance; will not produce allergic reactions and are safe in the long term if taken as directed by a qualified consultant.
  • Feonnaa Ayurveda products are Effective and Fast Acting, restoring optimal health.
  • Feonnaa Ayurveda products are Natural Medicine. Feonnaa Ayurveda is based on nature’s principle of cure.
  • Feonnaa Ayurveda Helps Build Resistance and also boosts immune system. It cures the illness at root level.
  • Feonnaa Ayurveda products are for people of All Life’s Stages. These products are safe for everyone because there is no risk of toxicity or side-effects. Feonnaa Ayurveda is ideal for all life stages including pregnant and lactating women.

During a brief discussion, with the MD of Feonnaa Herbals, Dr. Samir Kumar Dhara, he stated – “Unlike other companies, who use the powder form of various herbs to prepare their products and even promote composition of harmful subsidiary ingredients, these NEW AGE “Feonnaa Ayurveda” herbal products by Feonnaa Herbals are either Extracts or Tincture based (100% Herbal) and easy to consume with “NO or ZERO SIDE FEECTS” and very effective in providing very quick relief from an existing illness”.

These products are constituted of herbal products, that are used daily, which are mixed in different and appropriate proportions to obtain the best results after use. Starting right from household ingredients like Ginger, Lemon and Tulsi to herbs with highest curing benefits are utilized in the composition of these newly designed and formulated “Feonnaa Ayurveda” products.

These well formulated products have the capability to cure illness related to liver, kidney, stomach, diabetes, Asthma, Skin and more. The Benefits of these products are numerous and immeasurable as compared to other herbal products with preventive properties.

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