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Nature plant fibre


Gut System is the only key to increasing your performance and decreasing sickness and also boosting up your physical & mental Health. Our GUT health is controlled by the foods, we eat. When we eat foods , the micro organism & hormones in our body start working to generate energy for all our daily activities including our thoughts & responses. As we need to take bath regularly, similarly we need to keep our GUT system clean everyday to keep it in order. Fiber rich foods help you to clean our gut system through keeping the bowel movements soft and regular. apart from these fiber rich foods help to maintain healthy colon.

Tragacanth gum crystals (Botanical Fiber)

How to Use: Soaked 1 tea spoon Feonnaa Tragacanth Gum Botanical fiber with plain water for 1 hr or more or overnight then it is ready to drink. Traditionally mixed in Indian Sharbats, Lemon water and served chilled in summers.

Benefits :
Excellent source of Fiber
Cleans & detox Gut System.
Cleans Colon cells and make them, healthy
Great laxative so regulate bowel movement.
Aid Contipation.
Cooling properties help to sooth mouth ulcer.
Lowering Cholesterol.
Natural Prebiotic food that helps to live the good bacteria in our body.
Great to get Good Skin.

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