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Feonnaa Moringa Power 500 MG

Feonnaa Moringa Power Capsules are natural supplements that provide all the required nourishment and health promoting properties, you will be feel vibrant and energized every single day. The health benefits of these capsules are so powerful that it can meet the level of nourishment equal to all other additional supplements. The benefits of these capsules reach far beyond your ordinary vitamin supply. It provides your body with an outstanding concentration of health supporting properties - consisting of pure 100% Organic Moringa leaf powder from the most nutrient dense plant there is. Researchers have put its high nutritional value to the test and have come up with some outstanding results. Ashwagandha helps reduce anxiety and stress. Keeps the nervous system calm. Pepper increases digestive energy. Piper Nigam is very useful in the treatment of asthma, cough and other chronic respiratory diseases. Pomegranate has impressive Anti-Inflammatory property, help to lower blood pressure. Safed Musli is helptful in physical weakness and many other illnesses. Helpful in Men and Women sexual problems. Benefits:
  • Strengthen Immune System
  • Cleanse Toxins Out
  • Increases Energy, Stamina, Vigour, Vitality
  • Regulate Blood Sugar Level
  • Manage Cholesterol Level
  • Regulate Blood Pressure
  • Good For Heart Health
  • Purify Blood
  • Mental Alertness & Concentration
  • Improve Skin and Hair Condition.
Ingredient: Moringa Leaf Extract, Shilajit, Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Piper Nigam, Pomegranate Extract etc. How to Use: Take One Capsule twice daily on Morning & Evening on empty stomach or as recommended by the physician.

Rs 279
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