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Honey Moisturizing Lotion 100ML

Moisturizing is an important skin care and it should be part of your daily routine before you step out of work and before you go to bed. One good moisturizer is this Premium Honey Moisturising lotion from Feonnaa which will take care of your skin. The Feonnaa Premium Honey Moisturising lotion is enriched with ingredients like honey Oatmeal extract and sandal wood oil. Honey will lighten your skin tone and add that radiant glow on your skin. Sandal wood oil will add the accurate amount of moisture on your skin. Besides nourishing your skin, this natural moisturizer will leave your skin hydrated and tone it in a unique way. For all those men and women longing for soft and supple skin, this Honey Moisturizer will be the apt choice. Additionally, this Feonaa Premium Honey Moisturising lotion conditions your skin and provides it with unique essentials. Before you apply your makeup, you can apply this moisturizer as a base and protect your skin from pollution. You can now get that flawless skin with this organic moisturizer.” Ingredients:- Oatmeal extract, honey, sandal wood oil, syzygium aromaticum extract, extract of Rosa rubiginosa, Extract of Glycyrrhiza glabra, aloea barbadensis mill Extract, pumpkin seed, linseed and sesame oil, simethicon.

Benefits: • Protect and moisturise your skin all day long. • Prevent dryness of skin. • Soften & smoothen skin. • Protect from premature ageing caused by UV damage. • Skin looks firmer, and younger. • Plumper whilst wrinkles appear softened.

Usage: Take appropriate amount of Feonnaa Premium Moisturizing lotion and apply to face and neck after cleansing and toning. For batter result uses twice daily or after each time of face cleaning.

Rs 542
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