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Green Tea

For best result drink Feonnaa Herbals Slim Green Tea at Morning, Afternoon and after Lunch & Dinner.
1 cup of Feonnaa Herbals Slim Tea - 1 calorie only.
Feonnaa Herbals Slim Green Tea is a delicious low calorie beverage.

Benefits :
Helps boosting metabolism, thus helps weight control.
Antioxidants helps detoxifying and cleaning your system so strengthen the immune system.
Helps balancing the ration of good and bad cholesterol.
Helps Managing blood sugar levels.
Treat stomach problems as it keeps your digestive function in check.

Ingredients :
Oganic Green Tea, Organic Lemon Grass. I helps relieving from menstrual pain of female.
Caffeine Free
Secre of fitness & Weight Loss
Weight Antioxidants

How to use :
Step1 :
Add 2 to 3 cups of water in a tea pot and let it boil

Once it starts to boil, switch off the oven and add 1 tea spoon of Feonnaa Herbals Slim Green Tea.

Now covered the pot and allow it to soak for 3/4 mintues

Strain the tea and add honey.

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