Feonnaapathy and Lifestyle

In our various articles, we have always discussed the importance of diet oriented healthy food and the lifestyle patterns of individuals for a healthy living. We even named it “The Art of Living”, but people are still curious about our concept of Feonnaapathy.



We would like to state

  • Feonnaapathy” is a term used to underline the simple food habits for a healthy living.
  • It teaches us the very basics of our daily diets and about the foods that can be consumed and the ones that should be discarded or eliminated from our food system.
  • Feonnaapathy states that simple use of green vegetables and elimination of meat, fish, oils, spices etc. can help us rejuvenate our life and even add a few years extra to the longevity.

Feonnaapathy” is a term introduced by Dr. Samir Kumar Dhara, MD, Lamina Research Center Pvt. Ltd., to inculcate healthy food habits amongst its followers and also amongst people who have been suffering from irregular and unhealthy food practices. Dr. Dhara believes that the Almighty made us just to consume foods and not medicines and even believes and practices that Ayurveda has remedies for all types of illnesses related to the Stomach, Kidney, Liver, Heart, etc. He even states that our system has been designed to eat food primarily and medicines have been subjected to requirements. Although things have been the other way round, off lately.

People are now more connected to and have faith in medicine rather than adopting a healthy food habit, and this changes the complete LIFESTYLE of most of the individuals in today’s world. Lifestyle would simply mean habits that are more suitable for a healthy living but it is not as we think. People or individuals have started to work late, sleep late, wake up late, eat out of time, have more of tea and coffee and eat junk foods and even no workouts or morning walks. This is not the Lifestyle that an individual should embrace to stay happy and healthy.

“Feonnaapathy” teaches us the Lifestyle that can be followed and embraced to stay healthy and fit.

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