How does Lifestyle help Live Longer?

Long Life or Longevity is a situation which is beyond an individual’s control but can be controlled through healthy lifestyle and thus reaching the ripe old Age.

As we talk of a long life – have we ever thought about the Lifestyle that we need to follow to live long? Here are some solutions – Regular intake of water, Exercise, good Food and proper sleep propels an individual towards good health and long life. Normally or rather usually, as the times have evolved, human tendency has inclined more towards food which is non – acceptable to the body and this unaccepted food within the body tends to create problems or upsets the entire metabolism which in return destroys the complete inner functionaries and immune system. The very moment the inner organs find the exertion on its regular functioning, they tend to get disoriented and then the problem of human health begins. Various diseases related to Heart, Kidney, Lever and other parts start to take a toll on the human life and thus the matter of Long Life seems a distant story.

For example: We all use cooking oil and mostly nowadays refined cooking oil, but have we ever considered understanding the fact that, the moment the oil is burnt it loses its credibility and acts as a very harmful ingredient within our body. This burnt oil is as harmful as the TAR which is used to construct roads. So, can you imagine the lifestyle and food practices that we follow are without any knowledge or understanding? We simply follow the commercials on TV and buy our daily products without knowing the facts behind it. This lifestyle will not allow us to enjoy a long and healthy life.

We, humans actually need to understand and realize that we have been created in a particular way that has a system and pattern of functioning. If we deviate from this pattern or system then major disorientation of our body system will lead us to various types of illness and ill health, thus, curtailing our bowl of life. In order to lead a healthy and Long Life, food habits and Lifestyle have to be chosen very carefully and a routine needs to be followed, though it might be painful and awkward in the beginning but the system will guarantee a life blessed with Health and Longevity.

We will be able to lead a life that would be filled with self belief and the confidence to travel that extra mile. This we call as “The Art of Living”.

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