How Modern Medicine Disturb our body?

The Side Effects.

The human body and structure is designed in a very simple way and has been guided to follow the guidelines, generally instructions from the brain, but we have entered into a complete unorganized system of Life which we have created on our own and fail to enjoy and live healthy.

It is us who have altered the natural system of life in such a way that it has given rise to many imbalances within the body thus creating illnesses that require medicinal support for a cure.

Humans and Animals were created to live a life as designed for us but humans on a regular a constant exploration and evolution mode brought about so many changes in the Lifestyle and Food habits that eventually food had to give way to Medicines.

Now humans focus and rely more on Medicines rather than the natural food that is available in the market. Therefore, the challenge and demand that the ultra age of advanced and quick recovery presents, has forced many pharmaceutical companies to prepare highly strong and volatile medicines which while curing a particular disease may have an adverse effect on an individual’s body depending upon the receptive and holding power of that particular individual.

Many fail to understand that quick recovery comes with many challenges and that an individual’s body may not be ready to accept and thus resulting in other disorders of the body which may cause further grave issues of the body and mind. There are even many illness and disease which modern medicine fails to eliminate, just curing approximately around 90% and hence providing relief to the body and mind on a maybe temporary basis.

This is where alternative medicine such as Homeopathy and Ayurveda play a vital role in an individual’s life. These alternative medicines do not have any adverse or side effects on the human body or mind and moreover, they tend to cure and eliminate the illness or disease completely rather than providing temporary relief.

The reason why modern medicine has found quick success is because of its ability and peoples requirements to heal quickly but the aftereffects of modern medicine can be serious owing to drug-drug or drug-food reaction within the body. The slightest of inappropriate intake of these medicines or even an overdose may result in various other problems (a simple nausea to even death), which we are incapable to comprehend.

E.g.: A disease like Cancer though has the remedy in today’s modern medicine but equally has the side effects to breakdown an individual.

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