5 Day Challenge
Helps to Maintain your skin’s
PH balance
Is an amazing tonic for youth skin
and support your skin health
Aroma 5 days challenge is an unique blend of Orange essential oil, Rose Essential Oil, Lavender Oil etc.
Aroma 5 days challenge, enhance collagen production, and enhance elasticity of skin.
It helps to clear clogged pores, smaller pore size.
Aroma 5 day challenge help you skin to be soft & supple by providing enough miniaturization.
It helps to reduce skin irritation, redness, eczema.
It helps to tighten your skin and give you young looking skin for long time.
It reduces dark circles.
Ingredients: Orange oil, lavender, Rose Water, Tea Tree oil
How to Use :
Take appropriate quantity of Aroma 5 day Challenge, onto your palm or cotton & apply on your clean skin properly.
For best result use Aroma Moisturizing lotion after applying aroma 5 day challenge.
Who can use:
If you are suffering from dry, dull & damage skin
If you experience redness and patches after exposing sun.
If you free irritation on skin.
If you feel your skin dehydrated, rough.
PRICE : 224.00

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