Aroma Moisturising Lotion

Detox Skin [ Perfectly Glowing Face ]


Helps to maintain your Skin’s PH balacne.

Your only skin nourishing companion in winter!!

Feonnaa moisturizing lotion is herbal in origin which is alight emulsion with extracts of natural ingredients hence it helps the skin to maintain its natural moisturizer, keeping it soft and smooth. This herbal lotion enables one in keeping the skin supple smooth, soft and glowing. Moreover this is quickly absorbed by the skin and enhances skin’s complexion. Face glow processed by this lotion is long standing and has no side effects and suitable for all skin types. Regular uses of it helps in absorbing excess serum, opening pores, detoxifying skin, removing unevenness on the skin, stretching away wrinkle and leaving the skin tight smooth and fresh.

Benefit of Feonnaa Aroma Moisturising Lotion:

  • Feonnaa Aroma Moisturizing lotion, moisten & Nourish your skin.
  • It helps to protect & lock skin moisture. It helps to build new skin cell. Provide soft, supple, firm & wrinkles free skin.


Orange oil, Lavender Oil, Rose water, Almond oil, Honey & Lotion base q.s


Take appropriate quantity of Feonnaa Aroma face Moisturizing lotion and apply on skin then massage gently on upward direction. use twice a day for better result.

Who can use

  • If you have oily skin and you are looking for a moisturizer to balance your skin elasticity than this is the best one.
  • It does not make your skin too oily & does not leave your skin dark & greasy. if you have acne pron skin, combination skin then you should use Feonnaa Aroma Moisturising lotion.

Rs. 224

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