Cashew Nuts

•Feonnaa Cashew nuts are a good source of plant protein, contain no cholesterol and are low in saturated fat. Most important, Cashew nut is high in unsaturated fat, maintain heart health.
•Adding Feonnaa Cashew nut in your diet help lowering blood glucose label and blood pressure label.
•It is good to add at least 16 to 18 feonnaa cashew nut to your daily diet to meet daily nutrition requirement.
•It is a common myth that cashew nut, aid to weight gain but studies found that it do not cause of weight gain unless it is eaten excess. Rather Magnesium mineral presence in Cashew nut help to boost Metabolism rate thus indirectly help in weight loose.
•Cashew nut contain Zea Xanthin antioxidant, directly absorbed by our retina and form a protective layer over our retina which protect our eyes from harmful UV rays.
•Feonnaa Cashew nut is rich in selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorous and are great sources of phytochemicals, proteins and antioxidants. cashews is good for your skin and also “helps preventing cancer as well,” says nutritionist Anju Sood.

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