Dish Wash

Specialty of Feonnaa Dish Wash

Highly concentrated so economic
Effective cleaning
No harmful effect on skin Eliminate grease from dishes
No Sedimentation
Feonnaa Concentrated dish wash is a highly effective Dish Wash Liquid to clean the dishes properly with least efforts. These not only help in the removal of dust and dirt from the dishes but are powerful enough to remove the most stubborn stains. These help in maintaining complete hygiene of the dishes.
We make utilization of very advanced and progressive technology for manufacturing and examining of our all products. Moreover, the raw material which we provide is procured from highly authentic and licensed vendors.
Feonnaa Concentrated dish wash also take care of your hands and protect your skin from drying out. This dish wash is also PH balanced so it protect your skin of palm from any kind of skin diseases. Since this is a concentrated formula, so it is cost effective and also can use for long duration with the same pack.
To use feonnaa Dish wash, you need to take 4 to 5 drop of concentrated Dish wash & add some water to it. Now it is ready to use. Extract of citrus fruits, clean the dirt & oil of dish strongly and refreshing & sweet smell of citrus help to reduce oily & spicy smell from utensils.

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