Feonnaa Together Liquid Love is a wonder herbal aromatic body spray made with essential oils. This aromatic body spray keeps your body refreshed throughout the day and suppress body odour. Whether you are at work or attending party, it can add a extra zing to your personality and boosts up confidence in public place. It is safe to use anytime of the day without any side effect.
Lavender Essential Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Water lily Essential
Oil & Perfume Base QS.
Herbal body spray reduces risk of brain metabolic disorders with
zero aluminium effect.
It clears up underarm pores and it prevents the skin from allergies.
Using this product may prevent breast cancer as it has no aluminium effect
It protects your body effectively from sweating and consequent body odour Feonnaa Together Liquid Love consists of toxic free chemicals
like-aluminum and synthetic and no side effect is experienced for the user
Hold the bottle of Upright and spray on
Body & Cloths in moderate amount.

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