Feonnaa Maya

Premature ejaculation is where a man ejaculates or orgasms too quickly when he is sexually stimulated. This could be either during intercourse or during foreplay. Typically men with Premature ejaculation quicker, within seconds or minutes of sexual stimulation. Ejaculation during foreplay may translate to no intercourse since a man climaxes during foreplay itself leaving him no stamina to keep going.

Feonnaa Maya Climax Delay spray when used properly can produce a significant improvement in sexual performance, helping you avoid premature ejaculation and last as much as six or seven times as long in bed. Feonnaa Maya climax delay spray desensitizes the penis by temporarily numbing the sensitive parts of your penis like the head and the shaft. Feonnaa Maya climax delay spray can increase a man’s sexual stamina without affecting the quality of his orgasm.

Feonnaa Maya Climax Delay spray is known to work faster and enhance at least 15 minutes delay in your climax. A spray needs to be used on your penis and rubbed in circular motions.

Ingredients : Ethyl Alcohol ,Camelia Sinensis ,Leaf Extract, Propeline Glycol ,Tricloson, Lidocaine, Teritiary Butyl Alcohol.

Direction For Use : Shake well and spray on the genital part. For best result apply on your genital part before 10 minutes and wash before play.

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