Feonnaa Zero Sugar

Sweet Drops
Life is so sweet with Feonnaa Zero Sugar!!!
Acting as a sugar substitute,
Feonnaa Zero Sugar is a wonderful product from the house of Feonnaa Herbals. It is a safe and ideal low calorie sugar substitute with same sugary taste and ZERO side effect. It is Natural and made from Sucralose, has very few calories. It can be used for making variety of beverages and desserts and ideal for any age group.
Zero calorie Natural sweetner is
Ideal for health conscious Individuals.
Ideal for diabetic people.
Promotes healthy living and general well being.
Controls weight and maintains optimum energy levels of the body.
Regulates blood sugar in the body.
Keep diabetes under control.
Usage: Put 2 to 3 drops of Feonnaa Zero Sugar in a
cup of Warm water or Tea.

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