Healthy 2

Avena flax, Fresh Dried Vegetable, Moringa & Almond
Busy Schedules often influence us to select fast food instead of fix meal at home as it is easily available & time saving. Even we are not getting enough Nutrition from our regular meal. The fast paced life style is creating dangerous. Lack of healthy food & proper diet people is suffering from diabetes, High Blood pressure, heart diseases, heart failure, Obesity, Digestive problem, Skin diseases, poor eye sight etc.
To fight with first life style & poor health condition feonnaa introduce Healthy 2, contains Avena flax, fresh dried vegetables, Green leafy super food (Moringa) & Almond Ect. Now you can prepare your tasty & healthy dish only 2-3 mints. All that you need to do is add hot water & wait 2-3 mints to get your delicious dis to be ready
Healthy2 is Low Calorie food; stop cravings thus help to maintain weight loss.
Healthy2 contain Vitamin E,Phytic acid, phenolic antioxidants & flavonoids thus reduce risk of Cardiovascular Disease.
Healthy2 helps lowering LDL (Bad Cholesterol) thus reduce risk of diabetes. Contains lignans which protect against heart disease also protect against heart failure. Also helps to control blood pressure.
Healthy2 contains complex carbohydrates, Fibre that helps maintain& stabilizes blood sugar.
Healthy2 helps lowering the risk of cancer.
Who can take Healthy2
Healthy2 is ideal breakfast & evening snacks for all & specially recommended for diabetic, cardiac patients, high blood pressure patients and those, who looking for weight loss
Ingredients: Avena flax, Fresh Dried Vegetable, Moringa leaves power & Almond

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