Complete Skin Care
With Lavender Oil
Care your skin with extra nourishment all day!!
Feonnaa Premium Body Oil is light and easily absorbed, this luxurious Body Oil uses a unique blend of botanical ingredients to moisturize, firm, and soothe the skin. Nutrient rich, this oil improve skin elasticity, and refine skin’s texture. Using the ancient herb to heal and increase collagen production – skin is hydrated, soft and supple whilst the soothing aroma transports you to a serene place. It also make your skin healthy and soft.
• Deeply nourishes your skin.
• Relaxes your mind and body.
• Leaves skin subtly scented
• Make skin healthy & soft.
Helps relieve muscular aches and pain.
Ingredients: – Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Corn oil, Grapefruit Oil, lavender oil,
White sandalwood oil, Orange Oil, Black Seed Oil.
Usage: Take appropriate quantity of Feonnaa premium body oil and rub
onto your palm then massage your body before or after bath or before going to bed.

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