Skin Repair

Skin Repairing Vapor is all new concepts to treat your skin with optimal label of Ayurvedic benefits. Feonnaa Skin Repair Vapour helps to protect your skin from any type of skin problems. No matter what skin types you have, it will get lifeless occasionally. This process is a very scientific, safe and highest result oriented technique of India Ayurveda for beautification. Feonnaa bring this process first time ever to present the ultimate benefit. This is in aquas form so that it can be fully observed by your skin Feonnaa Herbals Skin Repairing Vapour shall help you to meet your hydration requirement label without making your skin oilier.
Active Ingredients: Mint Extract, Tulsi Extract, Neem Extract, Pine Apple Extract, Citrus Extract, Long Extract Etc.
Benefits: Feonnaa Skin repairing vapour help to balance excessive oil secretion, balance skin PH Label. Feonnaa Skin Repairing Vapour helps to close skin pores also tighten the pores. It protect your skin from environmental pollution also reduces acne, pimple, skin rashes, spot etc.
Use: Take appropriate quantity of Feonnaa Herbals Skin Repairing Vapour in a clean cotton and lightly spread the toner over face, neck etc. Avoid the eye area and be careful not to get product on your lips.
PRICE : 399.00

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