Skin Whitening

Skin Whitening Repairing Vapour is all new concepts that help you to get you healthy, glowing, fairer and radiant skin in a very few days. This process is a very scientific, safe and highest result oriented technique of India Ayurveda for beautification. Feonnaa bring this process first time ever to present the ultimate benefit. This is in aquas form so that it can be fully observed by your skin and treat the deeper label of your skin. By using Feonnaa Skin Whitening Vapour, you can actually treat your skin with natural essence and aromatic oil of that together. which balance your skin moisture without over moisturizing or over drying your skin.
Active Ingredients: Turmeric Extract, Rose Extract, Pine apple extract, Mint Extract, Tulsi Extract.
Benefits: Lighten your skin complexion.
Brighten your skin.
Protect your skin from UV rays.
Give you a radiant skin.
Uses: Take appropriate quantity of Feonnaa Herbals Skin lightening Vapour in a clean cotton and lightly spread it over face, neck after face wash . Avoid the eye area and be careful not to get product on your lips.For better result use twice daily on clean Skin.
PRICE : 419.00

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