“Feonnaa Ayurveda” is a way of treating illness through the process of establishing a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind.

The Science of “Feonnaa Ayurveda”.

“Feonnaa Ayurveda” helps to establish a healthy body and a healthy mind through the process of healthy food habits and healthy lifestyle. The products of Feonnaa Ayurveda are formulated just in the appropriate manner – one that Triggers or Stimulates the Self Healing Process of the body thus strengthening the cells of the body to fight against the Bacteria’s, Fungi’s and viruses that reside within the body or enter from outside. “Feonnaa Ayurveda” helps to maintain a healthy food habit and lifestyle and hence, aligns the Body and Mind to overcome mental imbalance and physical problems or illnesses.

Philosophy of Dr. Samir Kumar Dhara, MD, Feonnaa Herbals

Dr. Dhara stated –To create a healthy living “Feonnaa Ayurveda” provides a system oriented, risk free, diet controlled and non – problematic healthy life. “Feonnaa Ayurveda” is a specially designed program, educating people on the “Art of Living” through routine food habits. Dr. Dhara believes – “Food is Medicine” and “Medicine is Food”, thus designing and formulating products that are able to Trigger and Stimulate the Self Healing process within the body which helps the body to react and recover from the illness. The products of “Feonnaa Ayurveda” are based on the herbal extracts and tinctures which are in the molecular format, providing faster relief and recovery from any illness.


Frequently Asked Questions about Feonnaa Ayurveda

How does Feonnaa Ayurveda work?

Feonnaa Ayurveda remedies trigger the body’s ability to heal itself by stimulating a precise reaction in the body against the symptoms.

What are the key benefits of Feonnaa Ayurveda?

  • Feonnaa Ayurveda uses the body’s own healing mechanisms, so there are no side effects or rebound effects
  • Feonnaa Ayurveda speeds up the process of recovery
  • Feonnaa Ayurveda does not force the body to do anything, so its action is as gentle as possible
  • Feonnaa Ayurveda is based on full and detailed records of the case and its progress.

How long does Feonnaa Ayurvedic treatment take?

This depends on how chronic (long lasting) the illness is.  A person, who has had a chronic problem (e.g. an under-functioning thyroid) for a long time, will take several months, sometimes years to regain good or even total health.  Acute problems, such as food poisoning, injuries, burns etc. may be helped within a few hours or even within seconds.

What happens when I meet a Feonnaa Ayurveda Consultant?

During the first consultation a detailed history of the case is needed. The more details shared about your health, your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes and your emotions, the easier it becomes for the consultant to find the right remedy for you.

Is it safe for children/babies/pregnant women?

Yes, Feonnaa Ayurvedic remedies use the body’s own healing process, and so they do not force the body and do not have any side-effects.

Will Feonnaa Ayurveda work for any illness?

Yes, but with the following restrictions

  • If organ damage is so severe that it cannot be reversed, Feonnaa Ayurveda may be able to palliate (ease) the symptoms.
  • If surgery is needed (e.g. as the result of an accident), Feonnaa Ayurveda can greatly assist the healing process, as in the case of many German hospitals, which use a similar remedy for this purpose, and in some UK hospitals too.
  • If there is a “maintaining cause” that does not allow the body to heal itself, such as poor diet or living conditions, or continual exposure to the triggering effects of an allergen (such as wheat or dairy products for many people).   In these cases it may be necessary to remove the problem at least temporarily until the person has recovered enough to be unaffected by it
  • If the symptoms of the illness are regularly suppressed by conventional medicine (e.g. period problems suppressed by the pill or problems suppressed by steroids)

What diseases / illnesses can Feonnaa Ayurveda treat?

Feonnaa Ayurveda does not have the same approach to illness as conventional doctors, and we do not treat diseases but people. The concept of diseases is a convenient approach for collecting together the information about common patterns of symptoms, so that one can identify a case of measles, ‘flu or arthritis, for example. Individuals actually have their own patterns of symptoms when they are ill, and these may not include all the common ones but will include others peculiar to them. There is no proof that the common symptoms are more important in an individual case, and the evidence of side effects suggests the opposite is true: and that the individual’s symptoms are critical for identifying the right treatment.

“Feonnaa Ayurveda” offers food supplement products related to wellness which can be used as a remedy for our daily health issues and that too without any perturbed side effects. These newly designed products deals with issues related to Cough and Cold, Gastric, Piles, Constipation, Asthma, Diabetes, Indigestion and even skin and hair. These products under the “Feonnaa Ayurveda” program, assures faster relief from health related issues as compared to their earlier counterparts.

Does Feonnaa Ayurveda just treat the symptoms?

No, because there is a big difference between treating some symptoms and treating them all, because Feonnaa Ayurveda take all the symptoms into account and treats the whole process of the illness, not just its superficial aspects.

Do I still need to see a doctor?

In general you will see your doctor less as you recover, but there are also good reasons for seeing a doctor as well as a Feonnaa Ayurvedic Consultant.

  • If you have a chronic illness and have been seeing a doctor, you should tell her/him that you are consulting a Feonnaa Ayurvedic Consultant.. If you are on medication it may be necessary to monitor and adjust the dosages as the body starts to recover, so good liaison with your doctor is helpful and may be very important.
  • Your doctor can provide the necessary tests and checkups on the NHS.
  • Some employers will not accept a sick note from an Ayurvedic Consultant, and there may be occasions when one is needed, so it is important to keep your relationship with a doctor.

Will Feonnaa Ayurveda work with conventional medicine?

Yes, Feonnaa Ayurveda can work well with conventional medicine. However, it is essential that your consultant is aware of any conventional medication you take, whether prescribed by a doctor or bought over the counter, including vitamins and other supplements. There can be conflicts between the two systems of treatment, and so it is important for the Ayurvedic Consultant to be able to identify when this is happening. There may come a point when these conflicts mean that you need to decide which treatment you are going to rely on.

At the same time:

  • No responsible Ayurvedic Consultant will ask you to come off your conventional medication.
  • In some cases, where conventional medicine is suppressing a major system of the body (such as steroids and hormone treatments) Ayurvedic treatment may be more difficult; remedies may have to be given more often or over a longer period of time; or sometimes fails to work at all.

Is Feonnaa Ayurveda the same as herbal – ism?

YES.  Herbal-ism is a system of medicine using plant extracts and herbs. Herbal medicine is used in material doses, and is based on traditions of medicines being used for particular illnesses.

Is it true that Feonnaa Ayurveda is a natural form of medicine?

Yes, Feonnaa Ayurveda matches the medicine to the patient’s needs so as to use the body’s own process of healing. It does not force the body but merely triggers the healing process. The process of preparing Feonnaa Ayurveda products are time-consuming and requires a lot of experience and quality control.

Is it true that Feonnaa Ayurveda is a natural form of medicine?

Yes, Feonnaa Ayurveda matches the medicine to the patient’s needs so as to use the body’s own process of healing. It does not force the body but merely triggers the healing process. The process of preparing Feonnaa Ayurveda products are time-consuming and requires a lot of experience and quality control.

What does a Feonnaa Ayurveda mean by “getting better”?
Feonnaa Ayurveda have very clear ideas about what “getting better” means because they have observed a pattern to the process of healing.

As we all know, humans have been ever evolving and ever discovering but the hazards faced during this evolution and discovery process has been enormous. As we stand in this 21st century, it is noticed that the major issues faced by humans are health oriented and the reason behind these health challenges are related to the food habits and lifestyle of humans. We all should remember that Feonnaa Ayurveda provides everyone a path to redemption by designing and formulating products which are food supplement and not medicinal based, thus giving every individual a reason to lead a happy and healthy life, free from any side effects. This ability, of humans, to live a life, free from any health related concerns is known as “The Art of Living”.

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